OTOGEAR’s Promise

American Made

We are proud to say that OTOGEAR attachments are Made in America! Our manufacturers are located in Vancouver, WA – less than 15 minutes away from our headquarters!

Video of our 1st batch of OTOGEAR’s being molded!

 Environmentally Friendly 

We care about the environment and want to decrease the amount of waste created. To do this we made sure our manufacturers used post-consumer as well as post-production recycled plastics. 

Plastic Recycler at Plastics Northwest

Safety and Comfort

At OTOGEAR we want to ensure a safe and fun listening experience. Because of this promise, we searched high and low to find the right fabricator to source the hearing protection (ear plugs) to be included with each pair of OTOGEARs. Not only did we find high-quality earplugs that meet multiple safety organization standards, they are comfortable and reusable!


OTOGEAR wants to make hearing protection fun to wear all the while educating the public about the importance of protecting one’s hearing from loud noise environments.

We are excited that the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is currently running their “Make Listening Safe” campaign highlighting the necessity for hearing protection not just in the U.S.A. but throughout the world. OTOGEAR is committed to taking hearing conservation to the next level, by offering a clever solution to the rising problem of noise-induced hearing loss.

To help educate the public about the risks of noise-induced hearing loss we will be continuously updating our Education page and Blog to ensure the most up to date facts are available to our customers.

The first batch of Silver OTOGEARS finished!