Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented!

According to the World Health Organization, 43 million people in the world suffer from debilitating hearing loss caused by noise. The saddest part; noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable by wearing hearing protection. Unfortunately, Many people avoid wearing hearing protection because of discomfort as well as its lack of aesthetics.

We created Otogear to minimize the stigma of wearing hearing protection, which will in turn help end the epidemic of noise-induced hearing loss.

Otogear is a patent pending earplug attachment that changes the face of hearing protection. With Otogear, hearing protection becomes an extension of one’s personality. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors will enjoy wearing their hearing protection, which will lead to a new generation of hearing protection users.

In 2014, Otogear’s CEO Madeline Bennett came up with the idea of a decorative detachable earplug attachment as a class project during her studies at the University of Washington. Since then she applied for a provisional patent and incorporated the company. Otogear has competed in the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge, University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Plan Competition, as well as placing 3rd in the Hear and Now Noise Safety Challenge held by OSHA, NIOSH, and MSHA.

Since graduating from the University of Washington June of 2016 Madeline has made Otogear her #1 priority. Otogear’s team consists of CEO Madeline Bennett, Chief Audiologist and Scientist Dr. Kelly Tremblay, COO Traci Bennett and Chief Design Officer Serina Rockwell.

Madeline Bennett has a history of social entrepreneurship as she is the founder of the non-profit organization Owl Be Better With Music; which just recently celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary.

Dr. Kelly Tremblay is a world-renowned audiologist and neuroscientist with numerous published works. As a clinician and neuroscientist, Kelly Tremblay uses her training in neuroscience to better improve some of the everyday listening difficulties people with hearing loss describe.

Traci Bennett has an impressive history as working as a small business consultant. Lastly, Former Disney executive, Serina Rockwell, provides the creative lead thanks to her vast experience in brand strategy, product identity, retail, and packaging. Our team is ready to move forward and bring Otogear to market.


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