2016 was an exciting year for Otogear.

In April, we filed for our Non-Provisional Utility Patent with the Davis Wright Tremaine firm representing us. This is an important step for us as it protects the IP as well as being a much-needed factor to convince venture capitalists/angel investors to invest in us in the future.

In October, we competed in the Hear and Now Innovation Challenge held by OSHA, NIOSH, and MSHA and finished with a 3rd place trophy! This event was an incredible opportunity to network as well as introducing us to new clients.

After placing third in the Here and Now innovation challenge GeekWire a very popular Seattle Tech blog approached us to do a feature on the company. The GeekWire article was shared by over 400 people/pages. This includes the Hearing Loss Association of America as well as the University of Washington. We also were featured on the NIOSH blog. Because of the positive feedback, CEO Madeline Bennett quit her full-time position to focus solely on Otogear.

We have our tooling built and will be running our first run of Otogear’s this month. With tooling finished, order fulfillment time is 3-4 weeks!

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  1. Hello:

    In your 2016 Updates, did you mean to mention the Hearing Loss Association of America, rather than the Hearing Association of America?

    I found this site because of your company was mentioned in The Hearing Loss Californian, Spring 2017 Quarterly Newsletter.

    As a person with hearing loss, I am most interested in possibly purchasing your product when it becomes available.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for the correction! We are actually selling through our Indiegogo Campaign right now and you can pick from three of our designs. Prices start at 15 a pair and go down depeinding on how much you’re able to contribute. We are running the campaign through the end of the month so make sure to order yours soon!

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